If you go to family restaurants in Japan, you will see some kinds of ハンバーグ in the menu. It is one of the most popular menu items among children in Japan.


So what is it?


My dictionaries say it is “Hamburg steaks” but people here in Australia call it “rissoles” – basically the same thing as the meat patties in hamburgers but ハンバーグ in Japan usually served on its own and it has onions, eggs and breadcrumbs, etc in it.


By the way, minced meat is called ミンチ (minchi ) or 挽き肉 (hikiniku) in Japanese. I don’t know where that sound of ミンチ came from.


To make ハンバーグ we usually use 合い挽きミンチ (aibiki minchi) which is beef and pork minced together. As it is a common dish in families with children, each family has some unique addition to it. If you have a chance to experience “homestay” in Japan, why don’t you learn how your family make ハンバーグ!

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