Today is katakana Tuesday, so about an originally English word used differently in Japan. Today’s word is “morning.” It is often used in the same way as the original English word but quite often it is used as a shortened word for either “morning set” in a café or “morning suit” for men’s formal wear.


The city of Nagoya is well known for generous servings of “morning set”. They say if you order a cup of coffee, a bowl of udon noodles comes with it with no extra cost, etc. Unfortunately I never had a chance to have breakfast in Nagoya, so I do not know how true it is but everywhere in Japan, many eateries offer a good breakfast menu at a reasonable price and they call it “morning.” If you see “morning” in cafes and coffee shops, the set would include a piece of toast, an egg or two and a cup of coffee. If you see it in a Japanesee place, it could be a bowl of rice and miso soup with another plate or so. It is nice to have a good breakfast in hotels, but if you are going to a big city, maybe skip a hotel breakfast and walk around. You will find a good deal nearby.



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