Today’s #kanji is #互, which is listed under the radical of #に(二). Apparently it is a pictograph depicting a rope twisted around 2 bamboo rods. So can you guess what it means?

Meaning: each other, mutual
Reading: ゴ、たが

互角(カク)[noun/なadj] equal, on par, even (with)
互換(カン)[noun] transposition
互換性(カンセイ): [noun] interchangeability, compatibility
互助(ジョ): [noun] mutual aid, interdependence, reciprocity, cooperation
互選(セン)する: [vt] to elect … among themselves, to choose … by an internal vote
交互(コウ)に: alternately, one after the other, mutually
二人(ふたり)で交互(コウ)に運転(ウンテン)した。= The two of us/them took turns driving.
相互(ソウ)(に): each other, one another
相互(ソウ)に助(たす)け合(あ)う=お互(たが)いに助(たす)け合(あ)う = to help each other/one another

(お)互(たが)いに: mutually
互(たが)いに助(たす)け合(あ)う: to help each other, to help one another
互(たが)い違(ちが)いに: alternately

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