Today’s #kanji is 供, which is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻), which suggests a connection with a person. Its phonetic element is .

Meaning: to offer, to provide
Reading: キョウ、ク、とも(ども)

供給(キョウキュウ)する: to supply, to provide, to serve
供出(キョウシュツ)する: to make obligatory supply to the government
供託(キョウタク): deposition, deposit, lodgment
試供品(シキョウヒン): a free sample, a promotional gift
自供(ジキョウ)する: to confess
提供(テイキョウ)する: to offer, to make an offer, to sponsor (a TV program)

供物(モツ): a votive offering, an offering (to an ancestral spirit)
供養(ヨウ)する: to hold a memorial service (for …)

お供(とも): going along as a companion, an ttendant, a servant, a companion
子供(こども): a child, children, offspring

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