Today’s #kanji is 倒, which is listed under its semantic element of #にんべん(亻), which suggests a connection with a person. Its phonetic element is 到.

Meaning: to fall over, to defeat
Reading: トウ(ドウ)、たお(だお)

倒壊(トウカイ)する: to collapse, to be destroyed, to crumble (to the ground)
倒産(トウサン)する: to go bankrupt, to go bust
倒置(トウチ)法(ホウ): 【grammar】 inversion, anastrophe
圧倒(アットウ)する: to overwhelm, to overpower, to overcome
傾倒(ケイトウ)する: to devote oneself to…, to set one’s mind on…, to adore…
転倒(テントウ)する: to fall down, to have a fall, to turn over, to tumble
面倒(メンドウ)な: troublesome; difficult, hard, annoying

倒(たお)す: vt. to bring down, to fell; to defeat, to beat; to overthrow, to overturn
倒(たお)れる: vi. to fall, to come down, to drop; to collapse, to break down; to die, to perish
共(とも)倒(だお)れ: failing together, common ruin, mutual collapse, joint bankruptcy

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