meaning; winter

reading; トウ、ふゆ

冬至(トウジ): the winter solstice
冬眠(トウミン): hibernation, winter sleep
冬季(トウキ): winter, the winter season
冬期(トウキ): winter, the wintertime
暖冬(ダントウ): a warm winter, a mild winter

厳冬(ゲントウ): a harsh winter, a severe winter

冬(ふゆ): winter
冬(ふゆ)ごもり: winter confinement, wintering, hibernation
冬物(ふゆもの): winter clothes, winter goods

冬日(ふゆび): a “winter day” during which the temperature falls below 0°C, the winter sun
#冬 is made of #ふゆがしら(夂) and two 丶’s. One theory is that 丶 represents ice.
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