#古 is listed under the radical of #くち(口/mouth), 口 combined with 十 (10), 古 means “something which has passed down 10 generations.”

Meaning: old

Reading: コ、ふる


古代(ダイ): ancient times, the distant past
古典(テン): classics
古風(フウ)(な): antique, old-fashioned
中古(チュウ)(の): second-hand
復古(フッ): restoration, revival

古(ふる)い : old (usually not used for people.
i.e.”An old man” in Japanese is 年配の男性, not 古い男の人.)
古巣(ふるす): an old nest (home), one’s former haunts
古本(ふるホン): a secondhand book, an old book
お古(ふる): a hand-me-down


Can be read as:

古(いにしえ): ancient time

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