Today’s #kanji is 告, which is listed under is phonetic element of #くちへん(くち). Its semantic element is 牛, which is an offering to gods. 告’s original meaning is to talk to god making an offering.

Meaning: to tell, to report
Reading: コク、つ

告示(コクジ)する: to notify, to announce, to issue a notice

投票とうひょう 7 月 29 日しちがつにじゅうくにちと告示された。
It has been officially announced that the election will take place on the 29th of July.

告訴(コクソ)する: to accuse (of a crime), to charge, to make a complaint, to legal steps (against…)
告知(コクチ)する: to notify, to announce

The doctor told me that I had cancer.

告白(コクハク)する: to confess, to admit, to acknowledge
告別(コクベツ): (a) good-bye, (a) parting, a farewell
勧告(カンコク)する: to advise, to counsel, to recommend
警告(ケイコク)する: to warn, to caution
報告(ホウコク)する: to report, to inform, to advise (of a matter)
予告(ヨコク)する: to notify beforehand, to announce beforehand, to give notice

告(つ)げる: to tell, to inform, to notify, to show, to indicate

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