Meaning: a place, a spot, a space

Reading: ジョウ、ば

会場(カイジョウ): a venue, a meeting place
工場(コウジョウ): a factory
農場(ノウジョウ): a farm, a plantation
牧場(ボクジョウ): a stock farm, a pasture, a ranch

劇場(ゲキジョウ): a theatre

場所(ばショ): a place, a spot, a location
場合(ばあい): an occasion, a case, a situation
火事場(カジば)のバカ力(ぢから): extraordinary strength resulting from the adrenaline rush which occurs during a fire (or other emergency)
墓場(はかば): a graveyard, a cemetery

相場(ソウば): the market price, the current price

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