Meaning: a younger sister

Reading: マイ、いもうと、いも

姉妹(シマイ): sisters
義妹(ギマイ): a younger-sister-in-law (the wife of one’s younger brother or a younger sister of your spouse)
弟妹(テイマイ): younger brothers and sisters
異母妹(イボマイ): a younger half-sister with a different mother
異父妹(イフマイ): a younger half-sister with a different father


妹(いもうと): one’s younger sister

妹婿(いもうとむこ): the husband of a younger sister
妹背(いもせ): husband and wife
* 妹(いも) used to mean one’s wife / girlfriend

Place names:
妹尾(せのお): Senoo in Okayama Prefecture
妹町(いもとチョウ): Imoto-cho in Shiga Prefecture

#妹 is a combination of 女 (female)  and 未 (future). We have to be careful with the length of the horizontal lines on the right hand side as 末 is a different character meaning “end”.
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