Meaning: an older sister

Recognized Reading: シ、あね

姉妹(シマイ): sisters
姉弟(シテイ): an older sister and a younger brother
長姉(チョウシ): the eldest sister
義姉(ギシ): an older sister-in-law (the wife of one’s older brother)
兄姉(ケイシ): one’s older brother and older sister


姉(あね): one’s older sister
姉御(あねご) : a woman boss, the wife of a gang leader
姉婿(あねむこ): the husband of an older sister

Unofficial but common reading:

お姉さん(おねえさん): an older sister

姉や(ねえや): a maid, a nanny
The current form of #姉 is made of #おんなへん(女、female) and 市 (market, city) but its original form was 姊 and the right side (つくり) of this character means “upper,” so altogether the upper female. That makes sense for an older sister, doesn’t it?
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