Today’s #kanji is #彼, which is listed under its semantic element of #ぎょうにんべん(彳) and that has the meaning of “going.” Its phonetic element is 皮, which means “skin” and “skin” can be separated from the body. So can you guess what 彼 means then?

Meaning: that, that over there, he
Reading: ヒ、かれ、かの

彼岸(ガン): n. 1. the equinoctial weeks in which Buddhist memorial services centering on the spring/autumn equinox are held; 2. the other shore, the realm of Buddhist enlightenment

彼(かれ): 1. pron. he; 2. n. a boyfriend
彼氏(かれシ): n. a boyfriend, a steady
彼女(かのジョ): 1. pron. she; 2. n. a girlfriend, a sweetheart

Compound words
彼方(あなた): (over) there
彼方(かなた): adv. in the distance, a long way off, far away

  • ぎょうにんべん

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