Today’s #kanji is 打, which is listed under its semantic element of #てへん(扌). Its phonetic element is 丁, though 打 and 丁 don’t quite share a sound.

Meaning: to hit, to tap
Reading: ダ、う

打開(カイ)する: vt. to break (through), to resolve
打楽器(ガッキ): n. a percussion instrument, the traps
打算(サン): n. calculation, selfishness, self-interest
打破(ハ)する: vt. to break down (evil customs), to eradicate (abuses), to conquer (a habit), etc.
打撲(ボク): n. a blow
強打(キョウ)する: vt. to hit hard, to thump, to bash

打(う)つ: to hit, to knock, to strike, to hammer, to bind, etc.

ボールを打つ: to hit the ball
胸(むね)を打つ: to be touching, to be moving
釘(くぎ)を打つ: to nail, to drive a nail
注射(チュウシャ)を打つ: to inject, to give an injection
網(あみ)を打つ: to cast a net

仕(し)打(う)ち: n. treatment, an act
手(て)打(う)ちそば: handmade soba (buckwheat) noodles
値(ね)打(う)ち: value, worth, merit

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