Today’s #kanji is #未, which is apparently a pictogram of a tree with many branches. Then, do you know what 未 means?

Meaning: the eighth of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac (time: 2pm, direction: SSW, animal: sheep/goat), with ない, not yet
Reading: ミ、いま(だ)*、ひつじ*、ま(だ)*

未遂(スイ)の: ([noun] + の is used like an adjective) attempted
自殺(ジサツ)未遂(スイ): (an) attempted suicide
未成年(セイネン): [noun] minor, minority (under age)
未知数(チスウ): an unknown quantity, an unknown
未定(テイ)の: ([noun] + の is used like an adjective) undecided, unfixed, uncertain
未満(マン): [noun] less than
1000円未満: less than 1000 yen = 999 yen or less
For 1000 yen or less, you say 1000円以下イカ
未明(メイ): [noun] the hour before dawn
未来(ライ): [noun] future, time to come

未(いま)だかつてない試(こころ)み: something never tried before, a feat never previously attempted
未年(ひつじどし): the Year of the Sheep
The lethal weapon has not been found yet.

Do not confuse 未 with . The length of a line matters in kanji.

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