Today’s #kanji is #次. It is listed under the radical of #けんづくり(欠) that is also its semantic element with the meaning of “yawning.” Its phonetic element is 二.

Meaning: next, second, accommodation, etc.
Reading: ジ、シ、つ、つぎ

次回(カイ): [noun] next time
次男(ナン): [noun] one’s/the/a second son
次女(ジョ): [noun] one’s/the/a second daughter
一次(イチ): [noun] the first, the primary; [mathmatics] linear
年次(ネン): [noun (used like an adj)] annual, yearly
目次(モク): [noun] a table of contents

次第(ダイ): [noun] order, precedence; circumstances

次(つ)ぐ: [vi] to follow, to come after
取(と)り次(つ)ぐ: [vt] to act as agent, to intermediate; to show … in, to convery

次(つぎ): [noun] next, following

  • けんづくり

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