Today’s #kanji is 治, which is listed under its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵), which suggests a connection with water. Its phonetic element is 台, although 治 and 台 do not share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: to govern, to correct, etc.
Reading: ジ、チ、おさ、なお

政治(セイ): politics, government, administration
退治(タイ)する: to exterminate, to eliminate, to eradicate

治安(アン): law and order, public safety, public security
治療(リョウ): (a) treatment (of an illness), (a) therapy
完治(カン): a complete recovery, a complete cure
自治(ジ): self-government, autonomy, home rule

治(おさ)まる: vi. to calm down, to be pacified, to get better

くにが治まる: Peace reigns in the country.
いかりが治まる: Anger subsides.
せきが治まる: The cough is better.

治(おさ)める: vt. to rule (a country), to manage; to suppress (a rebellion)

くにを治める: to govern a country, to administer the affairs of state
けんかを治める: to settle a quarrel

治(なお)す: vt. to cure, to put right

ケガを治す: to heal a wound
虫歯むしばを治す: to deal with a cavity

治(なお)る: vi. to get well, to recover

病気ビョウキが治るl to get better from one’s disease
自然シゼンに治る: to heal naturally, to get better by itself

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