Today’s #kanji is 泳, which is listed under its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵), which suggests a connection with water. Its phonetic element is 永.

Meaning: to swim
Reading: エイ、およ

泳者(エイシャ): a swimmer (in a competition)
泳法(エイホウ): s style of swimming, a stroke
遠泳(エンエイ): a long-distance swim
競泳(キョウエイ): competitive swimming, a swimming race
水泳(スイエイ): swimming, bathing
背泳(ハイエイ): (the) backstroke
遊泳(ユウエイ): swimming, bathing
宇宙(ウチュウ)遊泳(ユウエイ): a spacewalk

泳(およ)ぐ: to swim; to struggle through (a crowd); to swim (in oversized clothing)
背(せ)泳(およ)ぎ = 背泳(ハイエイ): (the) backstroke
平(ひら)泳(およ)ぎ: (the) breaststroke

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  • さんずいへん

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