Meaning: ocean, Western

Conventional Reading: ヨウ

洋服(ヨウフク): Western clothes
洋風(ヨウフウ): Western, European
洋書(ヨウショ): a foreign (Western) book
海洋(カイヨウ): the sea(s), the ocean
遠洋(エンヨウ): the open sea (far from land).
大洋(タイヨウ): an ocean
太平洋(タイヘイヨウ): the Pacific (Ocean)
西洋(セイヨウ): the West; the Occident; Europe
東洋(トウヨウ): the East; the Orient

和洋(ワヨウ)(の): Japanese and Western (foreign)
洋(ひろし): a reasonably common male name
#洋 is made of #さんずいへん(氵) and 羊 and 羊 is the pronunciation marker. Originally 洋 was the name of a river, from which 洋 developed the meaning of “a lot of water.”
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