Today’s first #kanji is #活, which is made of #さんずいへん(氵) and #舌(ゼツ/した/tongue)although its original つくり (the right side of a kanji) used to be that of 銽, so you can’t use 舌 as a sound indicator. That つくり (the combination of 氏 and 口) is not used by itself in the Japanese language but it has the meaning of “moving vigorously,” which makes sense in this kanji.


Meaning: to be alive

Reading: カツ(カッ)、い

活気(カッキ): vigor, spirit, energy, liveliness
活字(カツジ): (a piece of) printing type, a type
活動(カツドウ): lively motion, activity
活火山(カッカザン): an active volcano
活躍(カツヤク)する: to be energetic, to take a lively part, to be busily engaged
生活(セイカツ): living, a life
自活(ジカツ): self-support
復活(フッカツ)する: to revive, to resurrect, to be restored


活きる(きる)⇒生きる(いきる): to live, to exist
活かす(かす): to revive, to resuscitate, to keep ~ alive, to make the most of ~


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