Today’s #kanji is 流, which is listed under the radical of #さんずいへん(氵), which suggests a connection with water. 流 is a compound ideograph made of 水 (water) and 㐬 whose meaning is apparently “for a baby to come out suddenly together with amniotic fluid.”

Meaning: to flow, to drain
Reading: リュウ、ル、なが

流行(リュウコウ)する: to be in fashion, to become popular, to catch on; to prevail, to be going around

いま流行しているテレビゲーム the video game that is all the rage
流行をう to follow the fashion, to take up the latest fad
インフルエンザが流行している Flu is going around.

流通(リュウツウ)する: to circulate, to float
流用(リュウヨウ)する: to divert ~ to (some other purpose)

公金コウキンを流用する to misappropriate government fund
部品ブヒンを流用する to make use of parts

一流(イチリュウ)の: first-class, top-rank, leading, top-notch
急流(キュウリュウ): a rapid stream, a strong current, a torrent
電流(デンリュウ): an electric current, a flow of electricity

流刑(ケイ/リュウケイ): deportation, exile

流(なが)す: to pour, to shed, to flush (a toilet) ; to wash down, to play (music over a loudspeaker), to pass (electricity), etc.
流(なが)れる: to flow, to run, to float, to drift, etc.
流(なが)し: a (kitchen) sink; a strolling musician, a (taxi) cruising

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