Today’s #kanji is 浮, which is listed under its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵). Its phonetic element is 孚.


Meaning: to float
Reading: フ、う

浮上(ジョウ)する: to (float to the) surface
浮沈(チン): rise and fall, ebb and flow
浮動(ドウ)する: to float, to be afloat, to fluctuate
浮遊(ユウ)する: to waft, to float
浮力(リョク): buoyancy, floatage, lifting power, lift

浮(う)かぶ: vi. (for an item) to float (on the water or in the air), to be afloat; to rise to the surface; to occur to (a person)
浮(う)かべる: vt. to float, to set … afloat, to launch; to show on one’s face; to recall
浮(う)かれる: vi. to be merry, to be happily excited
浮(う)く: vi. (for an item) to float, to swim; (for a person) to feel cheered up, to be on edge, to feel loose; (for money) to be left over, to be saved

浮気(うわき): extramarital sex, infidelity

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