Today’s #kanji is 消, which is listed under its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵), which suggests a connection with water. Its phonetic element is 肖, which has the meaning of “small (quantity).”

Meaning: to disappear, to erase, to spend
Reading: ショウ、き(ぎ)、け

消化(ショウカ)する: to digest (food); to absorb (workload)
消火(ショウカ): fire extinguishing, firefighting
消去(ショウキョ)する: to delete, to erase, to eliminate
消費(ショウヒ): consumption, spending
消防(ショウボウ)車(シャ): a fire engine
解消(カイショウ)する: to be dissolved, to dissolve, to cancel

消(き)える: vi. (for light/fire) to go out, (for power) to go off; to disappear; (for feelings) to fade

かりが消えた。The light went out.
ゆきが消える。The snow melts.
ジョンさんはひとごみに消えた、John disappeared in a crowd.
かなしみは消えない。My sorrow doesn’t go away.

立(た)ち消(ぎ)え: (a flame) going out beore burning properly; fizzling out

その計画ケイカクは立ち消えになった。 The plan fizzled out.

消(け)す: vt. to put out (a fire); to switch off (an appliance); to erase: to remove

かりを消した。I turned the light off.
を消した。I erased the character.
ジョンさんは姿すがたを消した。John went into hiding.

打(う)ち消(け)し: (a) denial, (a) negation
取(と)り消(け)す: to cancel, to revoke, to retract

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