Today’s #kanji is #深, which is a variant of 㴱. 㴱 is made of its semantic element of #さんずいへん and the rest is its phonetic element, though I cannot bring that up to my computer. Apparently the phonetic element is/was the name of a river.

Meaning: deep
Reading: シン、ふか(ぶか)、み*

深海(シンカイ): [noun] the depths of the sea, an abyss
深刻(シンコク): [なadj] severe, serious, grave, acute
深夜(シンヤ): [noun] the middle of the night, the dead of night, late at night
深慮(シンリョ): [noun] thoughtfulness, deliberation, prudence
水深(スイシン): [noun] the depth of water

深(ふか)い: [いadj] deep, dense, close
深(ふか)さ: [noun] depth, deepness
深(ふか)み: [noun] a depth, a deep place; profundity
目深(まぶか): [なadj] deep, low (a word to describe the way a person wears a hat low over his/her eyes).

深山(やま/シンザン): [noun] a place deep in the mountains

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