Today’s #kanji is 渡, which is listed under its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵), which suggests a connection with water. Its phonetic element is 度 although 渡 and 度 don’t quite share a sound.

Meaning: to cross, to pass
Reading: ト、わた

渡航(コウ)する: to make a voyage, to go overseas
渡世(セイ): getting by, a living, a way to make a living
渡来(ライ)する: to come over the sea, to be brought over (from overseas)
過渡期(カキ): a transition period
譲渡(ジョウ)する: to transfer, to hand over, to assign

渡(わた)す: to hand ~ to…; to transfer; to pay; to lay ~ over; to carry across

名刺メイシを渡す to give one’s business card
生活費セイカツヒを渡す to give the living allowance
かわにロープを渡す to hang a rope across a river

渡(わた)る: to go across…, to move, to get along, to fall into somebody’s hand, to be supplied

みちを渡る to cross a road
アメリカに渡る to move to America
渡る世間セケンおにはない。There is kindness to be found everywhere.
いえ人手ひとでに渡る。The house passed into someone else’s hands.
ケーキは全員ゼンインに渡りましたか。Has everyone got a piece of cake?

渡(わた)し船(ぶね): a ferryboat, a ferry
渡(わた)り鳥(どり): a migratory bird
手(て)渡(わた)し: (personal) delivery, delivery by hand

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