Today’s #kanji is 港, which is listed under its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵), which suggests a connection with water. Its phonetic element is 巷, which has the meaning of “a street.”

Meaning: a port
Reading: コウ、みなと

港湾(コウワン): (a) harbour
開港(カイコウ)する: to open a port (to foreign trade)
寄港(キコウ)する: to call (at…), to dock, to visit a port
漁港(ギョコウ): a fishing port
空港(クウコウ): an airport
入港(ニュウコウ)する: to enter a port, to come into a port
良港(リョウコウ): a good harbour
xx港(xxコウ): … Port (makes a name of the port)

港(みなと): a harbour, a port, a haven
港町(みなとまち): a port (town)

  • さんずいへん

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