#白 is listed under its own radical 白. My dictionary says it is a pictograph but it lists 3 different theories regarding what 白 is depicting. One is a thumb and its nail, another is a scull and the other is an acorn. I can’t picture any of them! Can you?

Anyway, the most important thing I think is that you put only one stroke inside the box. If you put 2, it becomes 自 which means “self.”

Today’s kanji is 白, which means “white”.

It can be pronounced as: ハク(パク)、ビャク、しろ(じろ)、しら

白菜(ハクサイ): Chinese cabbage
白状(ハクジョウ): a confession
白熱(ハクネツ): white heat, incandescence
紅白(コウハク): red and white

潔白(ケック): innocence
白夜(ビャクヤ): a night during which the sun doesn’t set

白(しろ): white (noun)
白(しろ)い: white (i-adjective)

色白(いろじろ)(な/の): fair-complexioned

白々(しらじら)しいうそ: a shameless lie

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