Today’s #kanji is #能, which is listed under the radical of #にくづき(月), representing “body.” There seem to be a few different theories how this character was developed but it seems 能 originally had the meaning of 熊(くま), a bear.

Meaning: ability, function, etc.
Reading: ノウ

能(ノウ): n. 1. talent, ability, 2. the Noh – a form of Japanese play/dance
能率(ノウリツ): n. efficiency, effectiveness
能力(ノウリョク): n. ability, capability, capacity
可能(カノウ): なadj. possible, potential, practicable
機能(キノウ): n. a function, a faculty
技能(ギノウ): n. (technical) skill, ability, capacity
才能(サイノウ): n. a talent, a gift, ability
性能(セイノウ): n. capacity, power, efficiency, performance
知能(チノウ): n. intelligence, intellect, intellectual faculties
万能(バンノウ)の: exp. almighty, omnipotent, all-purpose

  • さじのひ
  • にくづき

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