Meaning: tea

Reading: チャ、サ

茶色(チャいろ): brown colour
茶室(チャシツ): a tea house, a tea room
茶目(チャめ): mischievousness, a practical joke
茶碗(チャワン): a rice bowl, a teacup
お茶(チャ): tea (usually green tea in Japan)
紅茶(コウチャ): black tea, English tea
緑茶(リョクチャ): green tea


茶飯事(ハンジ): a matter of no importance
茶話会(ワカイ): a tea party
茶寮(リョウ/チャリョウ): a teahouse, a tea cottage 

#茶 has くさかんむり(艹) , so it has something to do with “plants.” Under that is a person (人) and the katakana ホ. When people have 茶 (tea), they feel relieved (ホっとする), don’t they?.
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