Today’s #kanji is #説, which is listed under its semantic element of #ごんべん(言). 説’s original form was 說 and 兌 is its phonetic element although 說/説 and 兌 do not share a sound in the modern Japanese.

Meaning: to explain, to tell,  a view, etc.
Reading: セツ(セッ、ゼツ)、ゼイ、と(ど)

説(セツ): a belief, a view, a theory
説教(セッキョウ): a sermon, preaching
説明(セツメイ): (an) explanation, (an) interpretation
解説(カイセツ): a commentary, comments, an explanation
一説(イッセツ): a view, an opinion; another view, a different opinion
小説(ショウセツ): a novel, a (fictional) story
演説(エンゼツ): a (public) speech, an address

遊説(ユウゼイ): a speaking tour, an oratorical campaign, political speech-making

説()く: to preach, to expound (a doctrine); to persuade

口(ク)説()く: to talk … into… (through persistent augment); to court (a woman)

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