Today’s #kanji is 調, which is listed under its semantic element of #ごんべん(言), which suggests a connection with language or communication. Its phonetic element is 周, though 調 and 周 don’t share a sound.


Meaning: to arrange, to provide, to inquire
Reading: チョウ、しら、ととの

調査(チョウサ)する: to investigate, to examine, to inquire into …
調子(チョウシ): a tune, a tone, a key, a note, a pitch; a way, a manner, a condition
調整(チョウセイ)する: to regulate, to adjust, to control
調達(チョウタツ)する: to procure, to secure, to provide
調理(チョウリ)する: to cook, to prepare, to dress
調和(チョウワ)する: to harmonise (with …), to be in harmony (with…), to fit in well
好調(コウチョウ)な/の: a good condition, a favourable tone, improvement
不調(フチョウ)な/の: a bad condition, a disorder, a slump: breakdown, failure

調(しら)べ: (an) investigation, a checkup; a note, a tune, a melody, music
調(しら)べる: to investigate,, to examine, to look over…; to inspect, to search; to question, to interrogate

調(ととの)う(intransitive): to be settled, to be in good order
調(ととの)える(transitive): to settle, to work out, to arrange; to get things ready

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