Today’s #kanji is #違, which is made of its semantic element of #しんにょう (辶) and phonetic element of 韋. 韋 has the meaning of “moving around.” So what does 違 mean then?

Meaning: to differ, to disagree
Reading: イ、ちが、たが*

違反(ハン): [noun] violation (of the law), breaking (a promise), a breach (of a contract)
違法(ホウ): [na-adj] illegal, illicit, unlawful
相違(ソウ): [noun] difference, (a) disparity (usually used for difference between 2 parties)

違(ちが)い: [noun] difference, (a) disparity
違(ちが)う: [vi] to differ, to be different, to be unlike, to vary
違(たが)う*: [vi] to differ, to be different, to vary, to disagree
勘違(かんちが)い:[noun] misunderstanding, a mistaken idea
食(く)い違(ちが)い: [noun] a discrepancy, (an) inconsistency; (a) difference
間違(まちが)い: [noun] a mistake, an error, a fault, an oversight, a blunder; an accident, a mishap
取(と)り違(ちが)え: [noun] a mistake, a mix-up; misunderstanding

仲違(なかたが)い*: [noun] a quarrel, disagreement, estrangement

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