Today’s #kanji is 酒, which is listed under its phonetic element of #ひよみのとり(酉), which also has the meaning of “sake container”. Tts semantic element is #さんずいへん(氵), which suggests a connection with water. So 酒 refers to the liquid inside the sake bottle.

酉 can also be called とりへん but in this website I will call 酉 ひよみのとり and 鳥 とりへん.

Meaning: sake (alcohol)
Reading: シュ、さけ(ざけ)、さか

酒宴(シュエン): a drinking aprty, a banquet
酒豪(シュゴウ): a heavy drinker
飲酒(イン)する: to drink (alcohol), to booze

酒(さけ): liquor, alcoholic drink, sake, rice wine

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酒癖(さけぐせ)が良(い/よ)い: be pleasant when drinking
酒癖(さけぐせ)が悪(わる)い: be unpleasant when drinking
大酒(おおざけ)飲(の)み: a heavy drinker, a boozer
利(き)き酒(ざけ): sake tasting, wine tasting

酒場(さかば): a bar, a tavern, a pub
酒屋(さかや): a sake dealer, a liquor store, a bottle shop

Customary Reading
お神酒(みき): sacred sake, sake offered to a god

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