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If a sign says くつのままはいらないこと, what do you need to do?

Today’s Grammar Point: ~こと/~ことだ

~こと has many, many meanings but this post is about the ~こと that is used as a command or a suggestion. As a command in the plain form, ~こと doesn’t sound too strong but because it is a command, do not use this pattern to people who are in the higher position than you are, such as your bosses and teachers. ~こと is often used in the point form. ~ことだ are basically the same but it sounds a bit more like a suggestion.


  • [dictionary form verb] + こと(だ)
  • [ないform verb] + こと(だ)
  • [noun] の + こと(usually not followed by だ in this format)


Practice Japanese every day!

You must write everything in Hiragana.

Don’t use Roomaji.

Don’t speak in English.

くつのままはいらないこと。(Today’s Question Sentence)
Don’t enter with your shoes on.

The first thing to do is to buy a good dictionary.

You must decide yourself what job to get.

You should give back whatever you borrowed as soon as possible.

Don’t borrow what you can’t return.

午後 3 時ごごさんじにここに集合しゅうごうのこと
Meet here at 3:00 p.m.

Bring your passport.

Answer to today’s question: You should take your shoes off before entering.

  • こと

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