Today’s Question

修学院しゅうがくいん離宮りきゅうったから、かつら離宮りきゅうに もったことにする。
I have actually been to:

a. Shugakuin Imperial Villa only

b. Katsura Imperial Villa only

c. Both Shugakuin and Katsura Imperial Villas

d. neither Shugakuin nor Katsura Imperial Villa

Today’s Grammar Point:  ~たことにする

~たことにする a pattern used to intentionally make a false statement about something in the past: “not actually ~ but I will pretend ~.”


  • [たform verb] + ことにする
  • [いadjecive stem] +かった + ことにする
  • [なadjective stem] + だった + ことにする
  • [noun] だった + ことにする


I only opened the textbook but I will say I have studied today.

I didn’t run, but I walked 10km, so I will say I have run 5km.

I saw Harry Potter movies, so I will say I have read the books as well (although I didn’t actually read them).

修学院しゅうがくいん離宮りきゅうったから、かつら離宮りきゅうにもったことにする。(Today’s Caption)
(Although I’ve never been to Katsura Imperial Villa,) as I went to Shugakuin Imperial Villa, I would say I’ve been to Katsura Villa as well.

Although I actually walked but let’s pretend that I went by taxi and charge the taxi fare.

Let’s pretend it didn’t happen.

Even though we didn’t actually eat it, let’s say my sister’s ramen noodles were delicious.

My mother will be worried if you say I was sick, so please tell her that I was OK.

I wasn’t studious when I was in junior high school, but I’ll say I was studious.

I pretended that I had a sudden illness and didn’t attend it.

Answer to Today’s Question: c.

For the meaning, see above. Because I’m pretending that I’ve been to the Katsura Villa, I don’t intend to go there any more.

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