Today’s Grammar Point:  ~てはいけないから…

~てはいけないから… is a combination of two grammar points ~てはいけない (must not) and ~から (because) and it means “in order to avoid ~.” It is used to state a reason in the form of a situation to avoid for your (avoiding of an) action. You can also use this pattern to urge somebody else to do something or not to do something. ~といけないから… is slightly informal than ~てはいけないから…


  • [てform verb] はいけないから、…
  • [dictionary form verb] といけないから…


ラーメンがのびてはいけないから、はやべてください。(Today’s caption)
Please eat it quickly so that the noodles won’t lose their elasticity.

I didn’t call because I shouldn’t wake you up.

Keep the TV volume down as it shouldn’t get in the way of your studies.

I go by train in case the bus gets late.

I’ll take a spare battery in case the battery runs out.

I keep the windows fully open so I won’t fall asleep while driving.

I’ll keep my mask on so that I won’t give you my cold.

Let’s bring an umbrella with us so that we won’t get wet in the rain.

Please leave the house early in case the traffic is heavy

I won’t eat much between-meal snack in case I’m full for dinner.

I’ll go to bed early so that I will avoid sleeping in tomorrow morning.

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