Apples were in the parcel I received yesterday.
きのう ( A ) にもつには りんごが ( B ) いました。

a. とどいた/いれて
b. とどいた/はいって
c. とどけた/いれて
d. とどけた/はいって

As “I” neither put the applies in the box nor delivered the box, both verbs should be “intransitive,” so the correct combination is b. とどいた/はいって.

If you choose another choice, particles need to be adjusted and the meaning changes quite a bit:

a. きのう とどいた にもつに りんごを いれて いました: I was putting some apples in the parcel which arrived yesterday (a bit strange thing to do…)
c. きのう とどけた にもつに りんごを いれていました: I was putting some apples in the parcel which I delivered yesterday (quite a bit weird way of saying it…)
d. きのう とどけた にもつには りんごが はいっていました: The parcel I delivered yesterday contained apples.

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