Today’s Grammar Point: ~ということだ


[clause] + ということだ


There are 2 meanings for this.

  1. I hear ~, I heard ~

You are repeating what you have heard. In that it is similar to [clause] + そうだ. The main differences between ~ということだ and ~そうだ are:

  • ~ということだ sounds that you are closer to the information source than ~そうだ or that you are more sure about what is said than ~そうだ
  • Also ~ということだった can describe what you have heard in the past but is not current any longer while ~そうだ cannot be used in a sentence like that.

With this meaning you can use the following variations:

  • [clause] + とのことだ
  • [clause] + んだって
  1. This means ~. / In other words, ~ . With this meaning, there is no variation.

You are stating your own interpretation or conclusion of a certain situation.

Examples of “I hear ~”, “I heard ~

  1. 明日あしたあめるということだ。
    I heard it will be rainy tomorrow.
    • 昨日きのうのニュースでは今日きょうあめるということだったが、結局けっきょくあめらなかった。
      Yesterday’s news said it would be rainy today, but it didn’t rain after all.
  2. わたしのおじはフィリピンでくなったということです。
    I was told that our uncle had died in the Philippines.
    • わたしのおじはフィリピンでくなったということでしたが、いまきていることがわかりました。
      I was told that our uncle had died in the Philippines but it turned out that he is still alive.
  3. 社長しゃちょう今日きょうはおやすみ(だ)とのことです。
    I heard our president is taking a day off today.
  4. おとうさんは明日あしたかえってくるんだって。
    I hear Dad is coming home tomorrow.

Examples of “This means ~.” / “In other words, ~ .

  1. 結局けっきょく自分じぶんなにもかもしないといけないということだよね。
    In other words, I have to do everything by myself after all.
  2. かねがないから、今日きょうもまたパスタということだ。
    Not having any money means that I have to eat pasta again today.
  3. ねつがらなければ、明日あした学校がっこうけないということですね。
    If the (body) temperature doesn’t go down, that means I still cannot go to school tomorrow, doesn’t it?
  4. あ、自転車じてんしゃがある。おとうとはうちにいるということだ。
    Ah, the bicycle is here. That means my brother is at home.
  5. かぎがかかっている。だれもうちにいないということだね。
    It’s locked. That means nobody is home, doesn’t it?

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