Last week, I talked about “Udon”. Today I will talk about another popular lunch menu, “donburi”, though most of the time you will hear it as “__don” and see it written as “__丼”. It is an all-in-one rice dish with various topping and the name of the topping goes in front of “don.”

The following are popular variety in eateries in Japan.


牛丼(ぎゅうどん/gyuu_don)- beef (usually sweet soy flavour)

親子丼(おやこどん/oyako_don)- chicken bound with egg (thus the name “parent and a child”)

うな丼(うなどん/una_don)- grilled eel

カツ丼(かつどん/katsu_don)- crumb fried (usually) pork cutlet with or without egg

海鮮丼(かいせんどん/kaisen_don)- fresh seafood

天丼(てんどん/ten_don)- tempura

豚丼(ぶたどん/buta_don)- pork

In the picture

五目丼(ごもくどん/gomoku-don)- various topping

カニ丼(かにどん/kani-don)- crab meat

イクラ丼(いくらどん/ikura-don)- salmon roe


Specialised eateries serve “donburi” (pronounced as “domburi”) only but many udon eateries serve donburi as well. It’s called “Donburi” because it is served in a “donburi” which is a largish bowl, more often used to serve soup noodles.


They are usually delicious, inexpensive and nutritious. If you want to try real Japanese fast food, try one of these!

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