Hello and Good Bye

The English word Hello is very convenient because you can use it at any time of the day but unfortunately there isn’t such a word in Japanese. They use different words depending on the time of the day and who they are talking to. The following video will help you understand the difference.

There are 7 phrases in this video, but the most important ones for you are:

English equivalentHiraganaRoomajiWhen to use it.
Good Morningおはよう ございますOhayou gozaimasuGood till around 10 am
Good Day, Good Afternoon (If you find it hard to remember the other two, remember this one at least.)こんにちはKonnichiwaAfter 10 am till dusk.
Good EveningこんばんはKonbanwaAfter dark
Good ByeさようならSayounaraAny time of the day. However, it has a bit of “final” feel about it, so use it carefully.

Suggested Activities

  • Say these greetings out loud until you can remember them well.
  • Learn Hiragana writing
  • Do the exercise 1 and 2 in the Module 1 of the Moodle Course.

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