#楽 is listed under the radical of #木 but it is a pictograph depicting various musical instruments placed on the hanger (木).

I personally remember this as “a white (白) butterfly with wings (冫 and its mirror image) is having fun (楽) flying over a tree (木).”

楽 can mean “music” “ease” and/or “fun” and can be read as ガク(ガッ)、ラク(ラッ)or たの.


Were you able to read all of these words?


楽団(ガクダン): a (music) band
楽器(ガッキ): a musical instrument
音楽(オンガク): music

楽園(ラクエン): paradise
楽観(ラッカン): optimism
快楽(カイラク): pleasure
娯楽(ゴラク): leisure, amusement
楽(ラク)(な): effortless

楽(たの)しい: enjoyable, fun
楽(たの)しむ: enjoy


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