Today’s #kanji is #満. It is a simplified character of 滿. which is made of its semantic element of #さんずいへん(氵) and phonetic element of 㒼, although the sound of 満 in the modern Japanese is different from that of 㒼.

Meaning: to fill, full
Reading: マン、み

満開(マンカイ)(n): full bloom
満月(マンゲツ)(n): full moon
満足(マンゾク)(n): satisfaction, gratification, contentment
満足な(なadj): satisfactory, gratifying
満了(マンリョウ)(n): expiration, termination
円満(エンマン)な(なadj): harmonious, happy, smooth, peaceful
肥満(ヒマン)(n): obesity
不満(フマン)(n): dissatisfaction, discontent, unhappiness
不満な(なadj): dissatisfied, discontented, unsatisfied
未満(ミマン)(n): less than
100円未満: less than 100 yen

満(み)たす(vt): to fill, to pack, to satisfy, to fulfill
満(み)ちる(vi): to become full, to be filled; (for the moon) to wax, (for the tide) to rise; to mature; for the condition to be met

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